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Featured Project 2 - Sharon Reserve

One of Caddis Designs very first comissions was to do the preliminary design work for a proposed small residential development to be called Sharon Reserve ( This project was intended to be a group of five individual properties, approximately ten acres each, and included a large shared property to support a small equine friendly community with a total size of 165 acres. Our intent was to design modern homes with a rural aesthetic, high quality finishes (and, or course design!), and a highly efficient and sustainable building envelope featuring straw-bale wall assemblies. Essentilly, the intent was to develop very wall designed and built 'green' homes. Unfortunately, the timing of this project parallelled the tightening of the credit markets in early 2010 and, like so many other developments in the works at that time, it has been put on hold for the foreseeable future.  Nonetheless, here are a few highlights and a summary of the initial design work.


Magnolia Farm was intended to be the first home to be completed and was, in fact, a renovation of an existing farmhouse at the front of the property. Our intent was to renovate the existing structure and build a large straw-bale addition which we could build, as least in part, during a straw-bale construction workshop (led by straw-bale expert Andrew Morrison) to educate not only the builders who would construct the remaining homes, but other local builders with an interest in straw-bale construction as well.


Mulberry Hill was intended to be the first 'ground-up' home to be constructed for the project. This building site is located toward the front of the property and featured rolling alfalfa fields with open views toward a wetlands and meandering pond. This design features a 'public' and a 'private' wing connected by glass concourse which housed the kitchen and main dining area. We were all dissapointed that this home had to be put on the shelf!





Cherry Ridge was one of the various remaining 'concept' plans. This structure was meant to be one of a collection of buildings intended to look like traditional farm buildings, which would have been visible as you drive along the main road into the wooded sites toward the rear of the property. While the intent was for this structure to look like a converted barn, the remaining structures would function in their 'original' form inclucing; stable, feed storage, garage, wind shelter, etc.